Meet Francine

I'm Francine, and in 2017, I founded Zenerouslife. I proudly call La Vernia, Texas my home, where I'm not just a resident but also a business owner. (Go Bears!)

My academic journey initially led me to the world of criminal justice, with dreams of pursuing a career in forensic science. However, after an eye-opening internship at a Coroner's office, I realized it wasn't the path meant for me. So, I made the bold decision to venture into the world of Corporate America.

Just like many of you, I've experienced the challenges of working full-time, enduring a lengthy daily commute, and fulfilling my roles as a dedicated mom and wife. The struggle to find balance took a toll on my health.

After some profound soul-searching, I rekindled my passion for helping and nurturing others through life's complexities. This calling inspired the creation of Zenerouslife Wellness Center, a journey that also led me to resign from Corporate America after 23 years.

With over 25 years of experience, I've been deeply involved in energy healing and have achieved the titles of Reiki Holy Fire II Master, Certified Meditation and Breathwork Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Chi QiGong Instructor, Published Author, Earseed Practitioner, and Spiritual Teacher/Practitioner.

My true calling is to guide individuals in embracing their unique path, following their inner wisdom and intuition, and crafting a mindful lifestyle. I wholeheartedly promote love and light, and I wish for everyone to embark on a blessed journey in this lifetime. In a nutshell, my mission is to inspire and teach overwhelmed individuals how to transform their lives, helping them find genuine happiness and balance, ultimately living a Zenerouslife-style!

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Meditation + Sound Therapy

Francine is a gem! She is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and really listens. I've attended a sound bath meditation (delightful!) and had ear seeding done for stress relief. I highly recommend that you reach out to Zenerouslife.
- Heather T

"Francine.. is a wealth of knowledge and experience."

I absolutely LOVE Francine! She is an amazing Reiki master and is so authentic. We have had several reiki sessions with her and every time I am blown away by the results. Through having 3 reiki sessions with her I was able to avoid 6 weeks of physical therapy on my hip after the delivery of my fourth baby. My son has also had several sessions and is thriving with his kidney issue. We highly recommend her services. The price is so affordable as well. Do yourself a favor and book a session as soon as possible. It’s more than worth it.
- Danielle

"Every time I am blown away by the results."

Zenerouslife has been instrumental in helping me find balance, peace, and purpose during one of the most stressful and chaotic times of my life. The guidance, education, and genuine compassion I have received has been instrumental in helping me take the steps forward I was too scared to take. I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Sarah

"Instrumental in helping me find balance, peace and purpose."

Francine is such a beautiful person and I am so blessed to have received her anxiety reducing ear seeds! She’s extremely knowledgeable and educated me during the process, I immediately felt a huge relief after her application and am excited to do this again!
- Jonabelle

"I immediately felt a huge relief after her application."