We're pleased to bring you Tai Chi QiGong Classes! 

Tai Chi is a form of martial arts and promotes relaxation, healing, and self-defense. Movements are gentle and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints which makes it a perfect practice for all ages. There

are three essential components of Tai Chi; movement, meditation, and deep breathing.


What does Tai Chi stand for?

 Tai = Great or Supreme 

Chi = Ultimate  Combined,

 it’s the Supreme Ultimate The core philosophy of Tai Chi is Yin & Yang = All things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites; keeping balance. 


Are there side affects of practicing Tai Chi?  

YES! This includes: Reduction in stress, anxiety, discomfort in body, Improvement in Concentration, Posture, Blood Circulation, Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Body Balance, Strengthens and Balances Mindy & Body. Aids in healing illness and empowers you to heal yourself. Definitely try a private lesson or one of our group classes! Contact us for class schedule, or visit the event page for class schedule.